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Go Sober!

Right, all this toxic medicine has clearly affected me more than I ever thought possible and as a result I appear to have gone off the old vino! So I have decided to make something good come out of this disastrous occurrence and go on the wagon for October to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer.

Go Sober for October!

I would really appreciate it if you would kindly donate the price of a bottle of wine or the cost of a drink or two to this fantastic cause!

Kyle's perspective

04 Jul 2014

I think everybody coped very well when Mam was having her chemo.  Mam was very brave and hardly worried.  She wasn’t really poorly although sometimes complained about her dinner as her taste buds went funny.  Mam told me the chemo killed the cancer which was great news but she had to have her boob chopped off in case anything nasty was left in it.  When Mam and Dad dropped me off at Grandma and Grandpas I was a little bit worried.  I think Dad, Grandma and Grandpa were a little worried too.  I told a couple of my friends that my Mam was in hospital but I was OK at school. 

Grandma and Grandpa told me that Dad had told them Mam was OK and Dad told me a little bit more when he picked us up.  We went to visit Mam in hospital.  Leo and I had to wait in a little room whilst Dad went to get Mam so we could see her as we weren’t allowed in to the hospital ward.  Mam was wearing her dressing gown and had tubes sticking out of her with blood in them.  When Mam came home she told us that she didn’t have a good night in hospital as it was noisy and she hardly got any sleep.  Leo and Dad went out to basketball that night so I was left babysitting Mam!  I made Mam some cups of tea as I can make them better than Dad can. 

Mam had radiotherapy next and at the last session we went with her.  There was a big delay so we had to wait ages so for a while I read harry Potter on Mam’s kindle.  The hospital was clean and after Mam had radiotherapy I was allowed to look in the room.  I was expecting a small hand laser that was used by one of the Doctors but it turned out to be a huge machine that was controlled by computer.  Afterwards we went to look at some pictures of Bobby Robson in the Nuclear Medicine department.  

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Mam doesn’t wear her wig anymore which is good as she is very brave.  She even came to see my school science project with no wig on in front of all my friends and their parents.  Mam looked fine.  I think the nurses and doctors have been very nice to Mam.  Also she did well in the fashion show that I went to watch.  


Kyle Hawkins

(Aged nearly 12)

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